Interactive & Visual - Honours

True Passion, True Expression

True Passion, True Expression is a book gallery aiming to help people showcase their skills and images that describes themselves through visual storytelling and creative artwork.

This book discuss people’s best moments in their life whether it’s a personal moment with friends or family or a moment that you wished to share outside your personal life. Timothy believes that “some problems I wish to fix – are people who lack the courage or confident to work in the outside world.”

The book design is created in a way to show people that it is acceptable to showcase their fine skills in design, so to be able to open themselves to the outside world – so that people can see the value they have in within themselves. Tim goal as a designer is to try and make people more open to themselves.

Timothy Chua

Timothy Chua likes photography because it’s a way to "express your artistic talents and artwork through a series of images taken by you". Since he like photography, the main things he likes to take pictures of is landscapes, cosplayers and items on display. These things he like to take pictures of is because they either represent something that he likes to see, or something different and worth taking a picture of. Photography is also connected to his other favorite hobby: traveling because he likes to make memories of where he goes by taking pictures. Memories are forever and all of them are worth remembering and going over again.