Interactive & Visual - Honours

The Shadow of Ayrshire

The Shadow of Ayrshire is a visual novel, it takes an engaging narrative approach to spread awareness on coping with anxiety triggers and make it tangible. The purpose of this project is to connect viewers with the story and help them understand what anxiety can do, how it occurs and how to go about with the triggers.

The Concept and Download the Game

The Shadow of Ayrshire Game Title Screen
The Shadow of Ayrshire is short visual novel game about coping with anxiety. The Shadow of Ayrshire is about an Elvish girl who wants to become a ranger of the top guild called Valinor. However, she struggles with anxiety and learns how to cope with her triggers with the help of her best friend.

Download the game on:

World Building

Below are images of the Ayrshire map, the promotional poster, characters and screenshots of the game.

Background Art and Design

Below are background images of the game world.

Character expressions

Below are images of the characters with various expressions that were used as animations for the visual novel.

Charlotte Ann Morris

Charlotte has a passion for graphic design and creating interactive experiences. She believes design is about telling engaging stories, to create awareness on social issues and convey deeper meanings. Her work features complimentary colour palettes and utilises harmony and form in her line-work.