Interactive & Visual - Honours


PureView is a mobile application to bring the community together and reduce the debris contamination within the Lake Parklands of Forest Lake, a suburb located in South East Brisbane. PureView will teach users on the value of the Lake Parklands for Forest Lake, as well as the measures employed to keep the lake clean and free of garbage such as plastics. These methods are divided into four sections: “How it Works,” “View map and stats,” “Report,” and “Chat.” PureView will aim to address the issues of debris contamination within the waterways of the Lake Parklands of Forest Lake and raise awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem for both species and surrounding communities. PureView includes significant incentives to encourage the community to participate in the adventure of collecting waste within the Lake Parklands, enhancing devotion and dedication to the Lake Parklands’ health.

Sapu Dissanayake

Sapu has a passion for UI/UX design and graphic design with the aim of addressing environmental issues such as plastic pollution. As an Interactive and Visual Designer, Sapu’s goal is to design in a minimalistic and professional manner in order to allow individuals to have a positive user experience whilst interacting with a certain design.