Interactive & Visual - Honours


Predict-a-trip is a mobile application that assists cyclists by alerting any potential hazards such as potholes, prior to commencing their journey. As well as these hazards, the application also alerts the user when the type of path has changed with the addition of providing a real time visual, through augmented reality. This allows the user to make a decision as to whether they feel comfortable taking the suggested route. By providing these tools, users of all experience levels are able to participate in the transport method, trusting that their route is safe and can know what to expect.

As a result of creating Predict-a-trip, I was able to achieve my main objective for this project which was providing a solution to the research question; “How can we utilise interactive technology to make green methods of transport safer, decreasing injuries and fatalities on main roads?”. Predict-a-trip successfully provides its users with visual information prior to the commencement of their trip and allows the user to trust cycling as a method of transportation.

The process:

Through prototyping on the program Figma and the use of Unity and Xcode, I was able to create Predict-a-trip with augmented reality elements. By using the program Unity which is a program widely associated with game development, I was able to implement the augmented reality component through AR plugins provided. Once these plugins were installed, I was able to import images made from photoshop such as the ‘Path identified’ alert and the ‘Pothole identified’ alert. With the Unity side of the technology finalised, I was then able to export the technology into another program called ‘XCode’ to allow the tool to be on a mobile device independently. As ‘XCode’ is an iOS-specific program used for creating iOS apps, the process was very simple using my MacBook and exporting the app straight to my iPhone, showcasing the final design.

Lisa Hinton

As an Interactive and Visual Designer and Games Designer, Lisa’s goal is to design effective and engaging tools that can be used daily in order to help solve prominent issues. With a passion in application design and gamification, Lisa aims to provide creative and high-quality designs that attract audiences to participate in.