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PetHub is a virtual pet application that aims to moderate procrastination habits, and enable better self-regulation in adolescent students with ADHD.

About the project

Living in the digital era has brought many benefits – and equally many distractions. For adolescent students with ADHD who lead self-directed lives, increased digital usage can further hinder self-regulation skills such as organisation and time-management, making them more susceptible to chronic procrastination. PetHub aims to address this issue by providing a more wholistic approach to ADHD-based digital tools. The application utilises inclusive design practices and gamification theory to embed intrinsic motivation, and help users build task and time management skills in a stimulating and engaging way – through a virtual pet.

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photoshop mockup of app interface
a photoshop mockup of three posters

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Chrystelle Pantaleon

Creating meaning, impact, and change is at the core of Chrystelle’s design practice. Her work seeks to promote inclusivity, reflecting her intentions to educate, engage, and enable the full range of human diversity in every design she creates.