Interactive & Visual - Honours

Let’s Have A Talk…

‘Lets Have a Talk’ is an interactive exhibit dedicated to explore the topic of sexual objectification and sexual violence's damaging effects on the females mental health and how it can affect ones self identity.

As we become increasingly stressed, polarised and socially isolated, local infrastructure for the soul is more important than ever. The ability for design to involve the audience and rely on their individuality to shed light on something important is society’s new way of creating artwork for everyone to see and enjoy.
The public invitation ‘Let’s Have a talk’ offers to share a portion of our lives without fear of judgement can help shed light on our facades, restore
perspective, reduce stigma around discussing our emotional health and cultivate understanding of one another and ourselves.

A 2018 study found that 1 in every 6 women have experienced sexual assault since the age of 15. As well as this only 19% of female victims in Australia report the crime to the police. These statistics not only mean that 1.6 million Australian women are still being affected by this sexual misconduct, it reinforces the severity of this topic and why it needs to be prioritised.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2020

Corrie Adamson

Corrie Adamson is in her final year studying Interactive and Visual Design as well as Film and TV. Her passions surround human connection's and how design and film can connect audience's with each other in new and groundbreaking ways.