Interactive & Visual - Honours


Leavely is a product-based design that aims to provide a solution to the negative effects of the urban lifestyle within the mega-cities such as Shanghai. In particular, the younger demographic. Our biophilic needs as human beings are not being met in these new conditions resulting in several mental health effects such as stress, anxiety, disconnection and depression. As a designer, I want to create something that can improve a person's quality of life. Design that not only solves a problem but elevates the overall experience. My passions in horticulture and art drive my work to create products and designs that can enhance what already exists in our day to day lives. Creating links between the natural world and technology that supports it.

How Leavely Works

Find sanctuary and peace in your day to day life with our At-home therapeutic plant buddy, Leavely. As our lives become more complicated and disconnected from the natural world our mental health can be the first sign of its toll. Our therapeutic plant buddy was made to suit your busy lifestyles and establish a positive and mutually beneficial relationship within the comfort of your own home. Our Leavely plant buddy can be mutually beneficial for years to come.
Peace Lilys are known to symbolise healing and purity within certain cultures. Watch leavely communicate and thrive under your touch through its heart and learn to understand its needs and leavely will flourish and bring sanctuary to your home.

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Bridget Eiffe

Bridget's passion lies in creating tangible impactful design that elevates users experiences in their daily lives. With her particular passion for biophilia and horticultural design, Bridget has fuelled her passion into creating products and illustrations that open a new connections from humans to our natural world.