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Kohl Cosmetics 2021 Style Guide

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The 2021 Kohl Cosmetics Style Guide is a brand book for the international expansion of a fictitious cosmetics company generated from a modernisation of ancient Egyptian culture. Inspired by the 1975 NASA Graphics Standard Manual, this project focuses on imbuing beauty and authentic narrative into the mundane.

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Beauty is the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole.

Kohl Cosmetics collection

5000 years, since 1971.

Drawing on the form and materials of artefacts from The British Museum’s collection of Pharaonic Egyptian artefacts, this style guide contains several cornerstones of branding: a specialised font, colour standards, and guidelines for printed and digital media production. Kohl Cosmetics draws on an altered timeline where Egypt has remained under the rule of their Pharaohs to modern day, and thus draws on the cultural and lingual disparity between our current world and what could have been. The style guide seeks to restore beauty and narrative to the mundane by imbuing a hidden story in each turn of page.

Zoe Dyer

Zoe is an interactive, visual and experiential designer with an avid interest in history and culture. With a background in traditional art and a future filled with travel, Zoe looks for inspiration in the stories and culture of the people she designs for and weaves these into her work.