Interactive & Visual - Honours


JOURNEY complements the visual effect achieved by the space, resulting in an engaging experience. Each part of the installation is metaphorical: the train represents life, the fuel represents career, and the objects and shadows represent the people and events we encounter. Everyone comes alone and goes alone, so it is all the more important to cherish the people and things that have been with us.

The layout of JOURNEY. It is made of a toy train with a light source, and a middle object.
There are some family patterns on the middle object.
When the train moves at the front, the shadow of middle object is about love.
When the train moves at the left side, the shadow of middle object is about friendship.
The poster is at the entry of JOURNEY.
There are three kind of postcards which are about family, love and friendship. Audiences can write on them and give them to someone important. And they can also take my business card to contact me.

Wenxin Gao

As a visual and graphic designer, Wenxin’s designs allow abstract concepts to be conveyed in an artistic form. Her style aims to create a unified and balanced design while still having her unique style that resonates with more people.