Interactive & Visual - Honours


Endo-Me is a squeezable data collection tool for people with endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. It allows users to communicate the intensity and duration of their pain via squeeze. The accompanying Endo-Me mobile application tracks the self-reported data so that it can be used in clinical settings to inform diagnoses and therapy. Endo-Me promotes a modern, patient-led approach to healthcare and sheds light on endometriosis, a misunderstood gynecological condition.


The subjective nature of pain makes it difficult for a third party to understand its complexity. Pain is invisible, and directly trying to communicate this ambiguous yet fundamental perception can often add to the burden for the person living with it. In order to treat chronic illness and pain it becomes necessary to address this multi-layered trait.

(LEE, 2019)

watch the endo-me teASER VIDEO

Sunita Colquist

Sunny is driven by the innovative and ever-changing sphere that is digital media. As an interactive and visual designer, she balances her creative flair with her empathetic gaze, to elevate brand communication and create memorable user experiences. Sunny’s aesthetic is minimalist in nature, prioritising the essentials. Her work can be distinguished by the use of flora inspired palettes, refined layouts and classic typefaces.