Interactive & Visual - Honours

AVANT: Cryptocurrency Home Heater

Avant is a blockchain-enabled home heating system, designed to utilise typically wasted electricity towards validating blockchain transactions - generating significant passive income. 39% of residential primary energy is wasted due to home heating. That is 39% of our energy usage that is dissipated straight into thin air, with no benefit past heating the space. This is where cryptocurrency mining, specifically Ethereum mining, comes in. While large-scale cryptocurrency mining systems do use significant amounts of power, this power is very effectively converted into heat as the only by-product, just like traditional style home heaters. While being just as effective at generating heat, cryptocurrency mining systems have the subsequent benefit of generating a source of significant passive income through the systems contribution to the blockchain network. Throughout prototyping, AVANT was able to passively generate over $20 per day. This is an opportunity to replace existing home heating systems with something equally as effective, but significantly more beneficial to the user.

Alexander Murdoch

Alex is a Videographer & Graphic Designer by trade, operating a small freelance-style business called OUTSIDE THE SPHERE. He loves utilising his creative mind to produce films which present content in new, attention-grabbing, and visually engaging ways.