Interactive & Visual - Honours

Alta (Virtual Showcase)

Riley is exploring how we can use live 3D environments on the web to both showcase the work of designers and create opportunities to connect with each other. Alta represents designer works in a 3 chapter journey from dystopia, through the creative journey and towards utopia. Voicing the problems designers are trying to solve whilst creating a live community space. Beyond this project he has started a service that aims to offer community based web experiences.

Design Problem

With the recent pandemic we have not been able to interact with groups of people in physical places. This has caused lots of disruption as we look to our digital devices to provide this sense of presence and connection. However, our current online applications miss an opportunity to create community and conversation.


Alta shows a willingness to explore an alternative way of doing things. Capstone Projects (by the IVD cohort) are the first step towards where designers want to make an impact. Contributing to what they individually see as a brighter future. “a” being the first letter implies that there is still an alphabet to use for labeling future iterations. Design artefacts are a step in the right direction rather than the perfect solution to the complex problems we are designing for. The hope is that attendees are inspired by our work through understanding that to make impact the first step is being willing to create your alternative way.

Why Virtual SPaces

Why Virtual Spaces Poster "Current online communication can't provice the same presence as meeting in physical space."

Shared Experience

Shared Experience Poster "Invite up to 30 people, customize your avatar, meet, watch media and share files in 3D space."


Yawspace poster "Create your world with Yawspace."

Beyond this project he has started a service that aims to offer community based web experiences to further explore the potential of 3D virtual spaces.

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Riley Askew

With the rise of remote connection, Riley is focused on how we can improve our online interactions. As someone that values conversation he worries that as we are becoming more digitally orientated, we are forgetting about the importance of real time conversation and community. Throughout his career he would like use new technologies to bring people together.